Rock Climbing Techniques

There are many different kinds of rock climbing techniques you can use to assist with you climbing. Listed below are only a few types:

This technique is used when you cannot reach your next grip and it is a good hold. So you reach it by jumping. It is that easy. You can do a double dyno by jumping for your grip with two hands.

This approach is used when you have not got a good grip for your foot and that your next hand grip is more to the side of you than upwards. To allow this technique to work you lean back using the strength of your arms to keep you on the climb and your feet for balancing. While keeping one hand in this position, you stretch up to the next hand grip with the other hand that is in the opposite direction you are facing and reach for the grip.

This is what you have to do when you require that extra little hold to keep you on the climb when you going for the next grip. You approach this by jamming your fingers, arm, elbow, foot or whatever fits into the crack while you pull your body up for the next piece.

(Please note: These rock climbing techniques are for your reference only. Any injures or loss caused are at your own risk)

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