Rock Climbing Equipment

There are a large range of equipment used during rock climbing, with each having its' own purpose. Described here are only a small range of equipments:

Rope, cord and webbing
These are the fundamental required for rock and mountain climbing. The purpose of a rope is to protect the climber during a fall. The rope can limit the length of the fall and also absorbs some of the energy of the fall. This is because climbing ropes consists of a core of long twisted fibres that can take the most tension and the outer layer of woven colored fibres which protect the core and give the rope the desire handling characteristics.

There are two main classes used:
  • Dynamic ropes: these have certain amount of elasticity and are usually used as belay ropes. The elasticity within them decreased the maximum force experienced by both the climber and their equipment should they fall.
  • Static ropes: these contain no elasticity at all and are generally used for carrying or attaching equipment only.
Webbing is a flat rope that contains no core. They are a versatile component of climbing equipment. Webbing a usually made from material which are high in strength. The main purpose of webbing is to tied or sewn into loop.

The helmet is also refer to a "brain bucket" is often disregarded when it comes to climbing, but it is one of the most important piece of item that can protect the climbers from serious injures or death in the event of a fall. Helmet is a tough item of headwear that mainly protects the skull against impact, but also used to protect the skull from common falling objects such as pebbles or rocks.

They are also known as biner and krab. These are metal loops with spring-loaded gates used as a connector for securing the climber when he/she are top roping and also for belaying. Karbiners are made from aluminum. They come in various forms and shape and the type of gate to be selected with depends on the exact use of it.

The use of the harness is to attach a rope to a person. For climbing the harness is worn around the waist. It is designed to distribute the force of your weight across your legs and waist by the means of thick webbing.

There a many different styles of harnesses suitable for different kinds of climbing. Like for sport climbers they would use a minimalistic harness except with sewn gear loops. Say for alpine climbers they will choose a lightweight harness, perhaps with detachable leg loops.

Belay devices
These allow the climber to carefully control the belay rope. Its main purpose is to allow locking of the rope with minimal effect. There are many types of belay devices such as sticht plate, ATC, gri gri and eights.

Protection Devices
These are known as "rock protection" or "pro". They provide a means to place temporary anchor points on the rock. These devices can be classified as passive which includes nuts and hexentrics or actives including spring loaded camming devices.

Climbing Shoes
The climbing shoes are special footwear designed for climbing. They assist by increasing the grip of the foot on a climbing wall or rock face due to friction. The shoes are designed to be very snug fit around the feet and only a few millimeters thick.

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