Rock climbing

Rock climbing is fast becoming a popular sport. This sport can either be done indoors or outdoors. Rock climbing is the movement either vertical or horizontal over steep rocky terrain (outdoor) or artificial climbing walls (indoor).

Outdoor rock climbing can vary across the different types of rock, the friction on the rock, the strength of the grip, the laxity of the rocks, the amount of vegetation on the rock and the typical frequency in the protection placed. There are several different approaches to outdoor rock climbing. This largely depends on the terrain and conditions and on the tendencies of the climber. The approaches are:
  • Solo Climbing: this is performed without protection, minimum of equipment and not rope.
  • Technical Climbing: this is performed with the extensive use of ropes, slings and mechanical devices which provides extra hand and foot holds. This climbing technique limits the damage in the event of a fall.
Indoor rock climbing is where people can climb and train all year round or during adverse conditions like rain and strong wind. The wall used in indoor climbing are artificially made to look like the surface of a mountain with grip holders where you can place you hand and foot to assist in climbing. Indoor rock climbing provides a good opportunity for people to learn climbing in a controlled environment with an instructor. Climbing competitions are done on indoor climbing wall. Some people who have learnt indoor rock climbing for years have never climbed on a real rock.

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