Ice or Snow Slopes

There are many falling things during your mountain climbing experience. They may include:

Ice Slopes - The most useful piece of equipment on ice slopes are crampons and also known as climbing iron. They are spiked iron or steel framework that is attached to the bottom of a shoe or boot to prevent slipping when walking or climbing on ice and snow. In other words, it assist by step-cutting on the surface of ice or hard snow. An ice slope can only be overcome by step-cutting. Another great piece of equipment is an ice axe. Ice axe usually comes in as small pick-axe on the end pole. The length is usually from the elbow of a man to the ground. It is also very useful as a walking-stick.

Snow Slopes - They are very common and are usually quite simple to climb. When climbing snow or ice slope you should be aware of bergschrund. They are large crevasse that lies at the foot of slope. You should also be aware of steep snow in bad weather condition as it may be dangerous. Freshly laid snow on ice is dangerous too. The snow slopes are the saftest early morning as it is usually hard, but in the afternoon it is quite soft and possibly dangerous; hence the advantage of an early starts.

Other Things A Climber Should Always Be Aware Of:
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