Falling Rocks

There are many falling things during your mountain climbing experience. They may include:

Falling Rocks - every rock mountain will have falling pieces of rocks or stones. This rapidly happens especially above the snow-line. Falling stones are generally possible for the climber to dodge and avoid. In a mountain face falling rocks tend to form furrows. These furrows have to be climbed with caution. The sides are often the safest when the middle is stone swept.

Due to changes in the whether rocks may fall more frequently on some days than on others. Whenever you decide to climb, local experience is a valuable help to such questions. The formation and the direction of the dip of rock strata also determine whether a particular face is safe or not. You must also evaluate the character of the rock. Where stones and rocks have fallen frequently debris will be found and on snow slopes falling stones cut furrows which are visible from a distance. Remember, whenever you are planning to climb a new peach such traces must be taken notice.

Other Things A Climber Should Always Be Aware Of:
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