Falling Ice

There are many falling things during your mountain climbing experience. They may include:

Falling Ice - Location of where ice may fall can always be determined before you climbing trip. Falling ice are usually broken pieces of glaciers (also known as "seracs") or from overhanging cornices formed on the crests of narrow ridges. Large icicles are frequently formed on steep rock faces and are most likely to fall on a fine day after cold and stormy weather. These should be avoided if possible.

On the other hand, seracs are slow in formation and are slow in arriving at a condition of unstable equilibrium. Most of the time the generally fall in or just after the warmest part of the day and their debris rarely goes very far. An experience and skilled ice-man will be able to devise a safe track through the most complex ice fall. It is advised that you should avoided climbing in the afternoon of a warm day.

Other Things A Climber Should Always Be Aware Of:
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