Crevasses & Weather

As a climber you should always be aware that you may fall from rocks, ice, or snow, or into crevasses in ice or snow. There is also danger from the changes in weather.

Crevasses - These are slits or deep openings formed in the substance of a glacier as it passes over an uneven bed. They can either be open or hidden. The detection of hidden crevasses requires care, skill and experience. They can only be detected by sounding with the pole, the ice axe, or by looking to right and left where the open extension of a partially hidden crevasses may be obvious. The safest way to prevent accidents is with a rope tied to your companions.

Weather - Many dangerous situations are caused by the bad weather which changes the effects in the condition of snow and rock. This makes climbing very difficult and harder to find the way or to retrace a route. So it is advised that you check the weather conditions before you go climbing and try to take a companion with you. Always tell a family member or a friend where you are going and when you are expected to come back.

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