Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing can also be known as mountaineering. This is sport that requires lots of skills and strength. It is suitable for all people who are daring and not afraid of heights. Mountain climbing can be described as an art of moving about safely in mountain region, avoiding or overcoming the hazards of falling and achieving the highest point which is very difficult to access.

There are two main aspects of mountain climbing:

1. Rock-craft - this comprises in the clever selection of a line of passage or rout finding and in gymnastic and technical skill to follow the line chosen.

2. Snow-craft - is the choice of the route resulting from a full understanding of the behaviour of snow under a multitude of varying conditions. The greatly depends on the experience and much less on your gymnastic ability.

Mountain climbing can be dangerous if you are not careful. The craft of climbing has been developed to avoid two main kinds:
  • The danger of falling things on the traveller
  • The danger of the climber falling
There are many falling things during your mountain climbing experience. They may include: As a climber you should always be aware that you may fall from rocks, ice, or snow, or into crevasses in ice or snow. There is also danger from the changes in weather.

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