Climbing Areas

A small geographical area with a concentration of opportunities for climbing is known as a climbing area. There are many thousand of mountains and cliffs around the world, but only a small proportion of those are popular and suitable for climbing. Mountains ranges are regularly at high elevations, remote and tend to have poor weather conditions most of the time. This means that the climber would have to spend more time in hiking, camping and battling the extreme elements than actually climbing. Adversely, some cliffs are too small or the rocks are too unstable for climbing which make it less enjoyable and safe for the climber to experience.

An ideal climbing area has these qualities:
  • Good weather
  • Solid and stable rock
  • Safe descent routes
  • Close to an access road
  • Large number of different routes
  • Free access
  • Uncrowded

There are many different mountains around the world that are suitable for climbing. Here is a list:

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